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Introduction to the Portal

The Portal is a convenient way for you and your Accountant to share files with each other. Documents can be uploaded, downloaded, previewed and set-up for signing, all within a secure environment.

Your Accountant can setup your portal with what we call 'Filters' such as - '2018', '2017' - where your financial statements or tax returns can be uploaded for you to be access, anywhere, anytime you have access to the internet.  You can download them from the Portal and store them somewhere else if you prefer. The portal can act as a permanent or temporary storage location.   

Your Accountants may also ask you for information, like your Bank Statement, Aged Debtors Report as at 30 June. With the Portal, it is as simple as dragging the file onto your Portal browser tab. Your Accountant will receive it automatically. So it stops situations where you are limited by size with Email and provides a greater level of security.

One of the main functions of the Portal is to enable a secure, digital signing process for all types of documents including financial and tax files. Your Accountant has the ability to request an electronic signature from you. An email will be sent to you with a link to the document, enabling you to add your signature to the document. Once the document is electronically signed by you and your Accountant a copy of the signed document is stored in the Portal and can be downloaded and saved locally or accessed directly from the Portal.

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